Tasting and Consult

Dolce Designs offers a complimentary tasting and consult, where we go over all the design details pertaining to you cake. You will also get to sample the three flavor combinations you selected from the flavors list. 

Tastings are scheduled by appointment only and are limited to three people total including bride and groom.

Please let us know if you need to cancel the tasting at least a day in advance and we will be happy to reschedule. 

Deposits and Final Payments

The deposit is due at the time of booking and is $200 for most cake designs. A deposit ensures you have booked Dolce Designs for your wedding date and that date then becomes unavailable to other couples, which is why the deposit is non refundable (there are exceptions).

For large fondant cakes and dessert tables, the deposit will be 30% of the total. At this time, the contract will also be signed and a copy sent to you as well as your wedding planner if desired.

Final Invoices are sent approximately a month before your wedding date, and are due two weeks prior. 

Payments are accepted via Paypal, Zelle, and check.


Dolce Designs delivers to a wide range of locations, starting from as far North as Conroe and as far South as Galveston.

We've also delivered large cakes all the way to Austin, Dallas, and Lufkin, so don't hesitate to ask if your wedding is not necessarily in the Houston area. 

The delivery charge depends on mileage and will be calculated for you during the initial inquiry so you are aware of the cost. We are located in Katy.

There is a minimum order of $500 to qualify for delivery and complimentary tasting. Smaller cakes can also be picked up from us at a predetermined time if desired.


We offer a wide variety of flavors that you can customize to create your own unique flavor pairing. All of our flavors are made using real food ingredients and zero artificial flavors. Each tier of any cake size you choose can be a different flavor combination at no extra charge.


Cake Options:







Pumpkin Spice

Italian Cream   

Chocolate Chip

Strawberry Lemonade




Mint Chocolate Chip

Tres Leches (one tiered cakes only)









Mixed Berry


Strawberry Lemonade

White Chocolate Raspberry



Peanut Butter

Cookie Butter

Dulce de Leche

Toasted Coconut

Cookies N Cream

Chocolate Chip

  Mint Chocolate Chip




Cafe Mocha

Pink Rose




Chai Tea

Earl Gray Tea  

Matcha Green Tea 

Strawberry Matcha 



Price listed below reflects total price (no additional equipment or assembly charges). The set up and floral placement is included at no charge.

Naked cakes: 

Naked cakes can be Fully Naked or Regular

3 Tier naked cakes ($520). Serves 80 slices ($6.50/slice)

4 Tier Naked Cakes ($884). Serves 136 slices 

Buttercream Cakes:

Each Buttercream cake is custom designed to your specifications. The pricing reflected below includes most buttercream designs. Semi Naked cakes are priced as buttercream cakes. 

3 Tier Buttercream cakes ($600). Serves 80 slices ($7.5/slice)

4 Tier Buttercream Cakes ($1,020). Serves 136 slices


~Different elements can be added to your custom cake like buttercream color, texture, and other design details that personalize each cake.

~Pricing for fondant cakes differs per design, but an approximate quote can be provided at the time of inquiry. Including Cake inspiration photos is extremely helpful.

~Each tier of any cake size can be a different flavor combination at no additional charge. 

~Elements which would be considered extra would be 24K edible gold leaf, edible print, a fondant tier, fake tiers to add height, etc.

~Sheet Cakes and half sheet cakes can be added for additional slices. Full sheet cakes serve 100 slices and are $300. Half sheet cakes serve 50 slices and are $150.

Photos by Leighanne Herr Photography

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